Meril creating Endless Possibilities at India Live 2020

Meril participated at 11th India Live 2020, Hotel Taj Palace, Delhi. The conference was attended by 1500 + national & international delegates. The faculty included top interventional cardiologists from across the globe who gathered under one roof to share their experience and knowledge.


The objective of the conference is to focus on “Interventional Cardiology: From Clinic to Cutting Edge”. You will have the opportunity to listen to and discuss cutting edge research with leading experts in various fields of Interventional Cardiology. Scientific committee is working hard to draw a comprehensive innovative program covering all major advances in the ever-expanding field of cardiovascular diseases. The meeting will feature live case demonstrations that will be performed by internationally renowned operators from India and abroad. Targeted informative and educational presentation on various contemporary topics was delivered by thought leaders during this four-day educational activity.

In addition to the scientific sessions, the industry will be encouraged to display latest devices and present their viewpoint. You will also have an opportunity to hone your skill on Simulators. It was indeed a much differentiated conference for Meril in many years of India live. In total 250+ HCPs from India and abroad visited Meril Learning & Innovation Hub, which provided a wide range of learning initiatives including TAVR Hands-on mentice simulation, 3Mensio & CT Analysis, Myval TAVR wet-model hands-on, Virtual reality (VR) immersive experience of Myval TAVR cases.

Master Class sessions at Meril Learning & Innovation Hub included 6 well attended and scientifically immersive lecture presentations on TAVR and Complex PCI by a host of key opinion leaders like Dr. G. Sengotuvellu, Dr A. Mullasari, Dr D.S. Gambhir, Dr. Siva Kumar, Dr. Vijay Kumar, Dr. Anmol Sonawane & Dr B. Starcevic. An interactive touchscreen allowed HCPs to explore Meril Cardiovascular’ s innovation journey over the years, learning along the way about our cutting edge products through digital brochures and videos.

Meril Evening Symposium on 29th Feb was attended by over 200 delegates, who heard senior interventional cardiologists like Dr Ashok Seth, Dr A. Mullasari, Dr. Rajneesh Kapoor and Dr. Enric Domingo speak about latest in DES, Bioresorbable therapy, furthering the TAVR therapy in India and beyond. The 3 day event came to a conclusion with delivering packed flavour of eye opening sessions on cardio therapies.


Headlines that make India proud through our strides in the field of med-tech and innovation

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in India since the 1990s. Over the last few decades, there have been multiple studies showing that the number of deaths caused by heart disease has only gone up since then. Recognising the need of the hour, Meril Life Sciences is the first Indian Medtech company to receive CE approval for the Myval Transcatheter Heart Valve and also for creating the world’s first 100 micron thin-strut bioresorbable vascular scaffold. As we continue to make headlines for these contributions to Medtech, let’s take a closer look at how our products reduce discomfort for patients and why we will continue making headlines that make our country proud.

What we did

A heart attack generally occurs when the flow of blood to your heart is blocked. This blockage is caused by a buildup of fat, cholesterol and other substances which form a clot inside your heart and disrupt blood flow. A popular method of treating this blockage is through the use of stents. A stent is a small mesh tube placed inside these blocked arteries. These stents then expand along with your aortic valve and help you restore regular blood flow. The drawback to this solution was that the stents available in the market were metallic stents, which, along with aiding recovery would also remain inside the heart as a permanent metal implant. Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt, Vice President Corporate Strategy, Meril Life Sciences, addressed this concern by explaining the MeRes 100 scaffold in further detail. He explained that the MeRes 100 uses a polymer with 100-micron thickness, which is almost half the width of a human hair. This ultra-thin scaffold is made from a polymer known as polylactide and is used to deliver drug-eluting stents that release medication to treat the blocked artery. This polymer not only releases medication into your arteries, they also fully degrade in 2-3 years, thus allowing the artery to heal naturally over time without further surgery.

How we did it

While the answer may seem simple now, 5 years ago, the question facing Dr. P.K Minocha, Director of Research at Meril Life Sciences looked as daunting as any. Is it possible to create a thinner strut stent, made of a polymer that degrades in three years, while still retaining the strength to fulfill its purpose of healing a blocked artery? To answer this question, the team working on the project ended up studying over 180 combinations of various polymers to narrow down their search to 12 desirable combinations. Work began by selecting one proprietary polymer blend as the material for this scaffold. Over 235,000 man-hours, coupled with millions of dollars of investment resulted in 18,000 prototypes, produced at various stages of development and bench testing. This is how they finally arrived at the now patented ultra-thin, bioresorbable stent.

The final obstacle

Even after the product had been created there was one final obstacle in the way, the safety and efficacy of this next-generation fully biodegradable scaffold had yet to be proven clinically. Various trials and clinical studies took place all across India, Brazil, Europe and Asia. Leading cardiologists from India and all across the world participated in these clinical studies. The first-year data from these studies showed zero scaffold thrombosis and virtually 100% strut coverage. These results stayed consistent over a testing period of about three years.

When we set out to create the next-generation biodegradable stent, which would benefit patients by strengthening their heart valve, the chances of success were slim. Apart from the wide array of medical devices which provide access to affordable and world-class healthcare for patients, the MeRes 100 and the Myval studies prove that Indian companies can not only produce world-class technology but can also innovate and advance patient care on a global scale. Staying true to our core tenet of adding more to life, Meril Life Sciences will continue to innovate and create new headlines to make India proud in the future.

Why we are India’s leading cardiac implant company and what drives us to continue innovating

We have all witnessed medical technology in the world around us. From vaccinations to the plasters worn to correct fractures to even spectacles that improve our eyesight. All of these were once new and revolutionary ideas that have stood the test of time and given us solutions to long-standing medical dilemmas. These advances in healthcare solutions are what led to long-term sustainable improvement in the quality of human life. We at Meril Life Sciences know that with changing times the need for better equipment and advanced medical devices will continue to increase. To create such devices that will soon be the need of the hour, we work tirelessly and continually seek excellence in the field of medicine.

In today’s world, the leading cause of death in India and the world at large, are cardiovascular diseases. A study conducted by The Lancet shows that the prevalence of stroke and heart disease in India has almost doubled in the past 25 years. Heart disease and strokes together contribute to about 28.1% of total deaths in our country today. Some of the factors that contribute to these rising numbers are: A rise in sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy diets, high cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, smoking habits, stressful lives, lack of sleep and many others. These factors have also led to a rise in coronary artery diseases in people from the age group of 25-35.

As the numbers show, heart disease is on the rise in all age groups and has now even begun to affect the youth. Meril understood the need for cardiovascular healthcare devices and began learning and innovating with stents and heart valve technology five years ago. Backed by clinical trials and reports from patients with over three years of use, Meril Life is proud to introduce the next generation fully bioresorbable vascular scaffold – MeRes100. With the ultra-thin 100-micron bioresorbable vascular scaffold, we created the world’s thinnest stent and paired it with a natural drug-eluting stent which degrades over time and allows the heart to resume normal function without requiring a stent.

This patented and indigenous technology created by India-based Meril Life Sciences has received both CDSCO & CE approval. Making it possible for us to provide the product to healthcare professionals all over the world. It has carved a niche for itself within the coronary stent space, especially in addressing the needs of a younger age group.

Meril Life Sciences is headquartered in India with a manpower of more than 4,000 employees, with the business currently being conducted in more than 100 countries. Our dedication towards research and development helps us chart a course to advanced healthcare solutions and is also reflected through our diverse range of products. Adhering to the highest quality standards in manufacturing, scientific communication and distribution, it is only natural that Meril Life Sciences is the leading cardiac implant company in India and will continue to strive for the same in the future.

Meril Life Sciences: Adding more to life

To an outsider, Meril Life Sciences is a young, India-based global medical device company. We design, innovate and provide medical devices to patients, doctors and distributors all over the world. And yet, simply digging deeper will show you real people, real lives and the core principles which paved the way to Meril Life Sciences becoming one of the leading medtech companies in the world. With a wide portfolio consisting of more than 140 products distributed across 100 plus countries, we deliver only the best and most advanced healthcare solutions. To get a better understanding of how we continue to innovate, inspire and tread new ground in the field of health and medicine, let us take a quick peek at some of our verticals.


Our journey into the field of orthopaedics began 10 years ago when we acquired Maxx Medical, an established US orthopaedic device company. With the expertise and support of world-renowned surgeons, we emerged as frontrunners in this segment, offering a diverse range of orthopaedic implants, from knee replacements to hip replacement to trauma along with revision portfolio. These devices are all developed using advanced design engineering technologies and extensive clinical experience to address the anatomical, physiological and lifestyle needs of today’s patients. These advanced designs and products allow our patients to achieve optimal high-flexion motion and restore their daily lives.

Vascular intervention

Our contributions to the global field of coronary artery diseases have already been discussed at length. Our team of talented and innovative engineers have created a varied range of devices such as drug-eluting stents, bioresorbable scaffolds, balloon catheters, peripheral vascular and transcatheter aortic valve replacement systems which help deal with coronary complications. These products are all backed by thorough clinical studies, patient feedback and a global team of scientific advisors. Our unique, top of the line medical devices are currently being used in over 100 countries worldwide.


Meril Endosurgery is a one-stop solution for surgeons because of the extensive product portfolio we provide, comprising of absorbable & non-absorbable surgical sutures, tissue sealants, absorbable hemostats, intrauterine devices, energy devices and mechanical closure devices. These products, which are in use in more than 100 countries, are backed by a rich pipeline of products still undergoing research and development. Coupled with hands-on training sessions and surgical simulation services, the endosurgery vertical is an effective segment that provides patients with long term support and relief.

Along with the above three verticals, we also provide devices that aid diagnostics and ENT treatment. We believe that to deliver the latest and most-relevant medical equipment an ultra-modern manufacturing facility is a must. Our five verticals are all supported by a robust R&D foundry, responsible for the constant innovation and creation of better and more advanced healthcare devices. We at Meril Life Sciences exist to create best-in-class medical devices that help uplift the health of humankind and will continue to strive to reach this goal.

Meril Academy: The cutting edge in Healthcare education for Medical devices

With the global rise in internet usage and advances in communication and technology, humankind is learning faster than ever. We at Meril Life Sciences hope to bridge the gap between the rapid advances in technology and its impact on surgeries, by empowering healthcare professionals with the latest in the field of medicine. Through research and development, paired with novel, state-of-the-art clinical medical devices and contributions from various award-winning healthcare professionals, we pride ourselves on creating Meril Academy, which is a cutting edge training centre for healthcare professionals.

The tenets of Meril Academy

Meril Academy began by keeping in mind core tenets which we frequently refer to and keep updating as we touch greater heights on our journey. The Tenets behind Meril Academy are:

  • Vision: Transforming patient care through professional education.
  • Mission: Develop and enhance the skills of healthcare professionals for better surgical outcomes.
  • Goals: Engage 20,000 healthcare professionals globally by 2020.
  • Commitment: By partnering with healthcare professionals to advance surgical care, we can ensure that people live longer and healthier lives.

Revolutionary education centre

With our core tenets firmly in place, we deliver the best-in-class, in medical devices and healthcare education. At Meril academy, we encourage peer-to-peer learning by fostering a collegial environment that helps the advancement of knowledge. This allows healthcare professionals an opportunity to discuss the latest advancements in technology, along with getting an opportunity to test and practice on these technologies themselves. Our advanced structure covers a sprawling 200,000 square feet of area, with facilities that are on par with international standards.

An asset to healthcare professionals

Meril Academy is fit with sprawling auditoriums acoustically designed and fitted with the latest audiovisual technologies to allow for live telecasts from anywhere in the world. Other facilities such as the Meril simulation suite, which is a 3,000 square foot, one-of-its-kind simulation environment, that allows medical professionals to learn via trial and error in a controlled, yet realistic setting. Our international faculty, simulation-based learning programs, live cases and distance-based learning, hardware playroom and well-stocked library are just a few of the reasons why Meril academy is a valuable asset to healthcare professionals.

The initiatives undertaken by Meril Life Sciences and Meril Academy are undertaken with the hope of building upon the edifice of knowledge and enterprise that empowers, emboldens, and unlocks new avenues of learning. Meril Academy focuses on the human element of the healthcare industry by providing healthcare professionals with enhanced skills that help create better surgical outcomes for patients. This method slowly but surely brings us closer to our goal of making a significant difference to human lives.

Honours, awards and global recognition graciously received by Meril Life Sciences

Founded in 2006, Meril Life Sciences has proven itself in the field of innovation, design, healthcare education and medical technology. Over the years we have developed more than 140  products across multiple therapy areas, established ourselves as the leading cardiac implant company in India, grown into a team of more than 4,000 employees and conducted business in more than 100 countries. Today, let us take a look back at the achievements, awards and the journey of Meril Life Sciences through the years.

Our exceptional business performance, broad and innovative range of vascular interventional devices and global presence, has made a mark on a national and global scale. This earned us the National best employer brand award in 2018, and Gujarat best employer brand award in 2019. Our very own Mr. Hemchandra Panjikar, Director & Group HR Head for Bilakhia Group of Companies, was also felicitated as the top 101 HR Minds at the National Best Employer Brand Awards 2019. These awards were held and facilitated by the Employer Branding Institute of India. The criteria taken into assessment for this award were translating and combining vision, action and HR strategy and how competent the organisation was at building a future-ready business plan.


Our revolutionary healthcare solutions were also awarded the Dun & Bradstreet-RBL Bank SME business excellence award in 2018 for the best women empowerment initiatives. Our state-of-the-art, cutting edge medical devices in the field of cardiovascular intervention were recognised and named the Cardiac implants company of the year by Frost & Sullivan. Frost & Sullivan has spent more than 50 years analysing, pioneering and guiding their clients to grow, their recognition is a true feather on our caps.

Frost & Sullivan recognised Meril Life Sciences for demonstrating excellence in growth, innovation and leadership by developing some of the most clinically advanced technologies – Myval– Transcatheter Heart Valve and MeRes100– BioResorbable Vascular Scaffold System. They identified Meril Life Sciences as a homegrown medtech company that addresses critical healthcare needs of patients in India and across the globe. With its strong overall performance, Meril Life Sciences has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 Company of the Year Award in the Cardiac Implants Industry in India.

To support its evaluation of best practices across multiple business performance categories, Frost & Sullivan considers a company’s vision, innovation, performance and customer impact. With Meril’s dedication and commitment to innovation, training and education, scientific communication and the promise of creating and delivering best-in-class medical devices, we are poised to hit this mark every year and reach our goal of providing novel, cutting-edge healthcare solutions to all.

TAVR Certification Program To Increase Proficiency Of Medical Professionals In The Latest Technology to Treat Coronary Artery Diseases

Meril Academy is one of the largest and most advanced training centers in Asia, which has been visited by more than 10,000 healthcare professionals from all across the globe. Built with the cosmic vision of bridging the gap between the rapid advancement in technology and its impact on patients and surgeries, Meril Academy enables healthcare professionals to learn more about these updated technologies. This healthcare education is provided through live cases, live lectures, complex case presentations and other informative lectures delivered by seasoned medical practitioners to help improve surgical outcomes.

Coronary artery diseases are currently the leading cause of death worldwide. This means that the number of patients suffering from aortic stenosis and other cardiovascular diseases is constantly on the rise. Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) and Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) are fairly new procedures that are recommended to patients suffering from aortic stenosis with high and intermediate-risk levels. These procedures use a minimally invasive surgical approach to repair a damaged heart valve by placing a replacement valve into the faulty artery. To speed up the learning process of the newly introduced technology we organised the Myval Certification program, to reach out to interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons and train them in the use of this technology.

A one-day course was held on 12th January 2019 with 35 delegates participating from all over India and renowned interventional cardiologist Dr. G. Sengottuvelu acting as course director for the 1st TAVR certification program. The objective of the program was to train interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons on the basics of TAVR therapy by creating a blend of didactic situations and hands-on simulations. Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao, Dr. Anmol Sonawane and Dr. Sanjiv Gupta were the faculty for this program. The first TAVR certification program was a successful endeavour signifying the start of the learning process.

It was followed by the 2nd TAVR certification program held on 16th March 2019. This program agglomerated 61 interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons across India, with Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao and Dr. Vijay Kumar presiding as course directors. The programs covered topics such as imaging of TAVR, step-by-step TAVR with Myval and TAVR in high-risk patients. The session further went on to discuss some interesting cases that used the Myval procedure to help treat patients.

Through initiatives such as the Myval TAVR certification program and Meril Academy, we at Meril Life have built products, training programs and facilities which allow us to compete on an international stage. Only through education and preparation for the future can we forge a path that will lead to healthcare that is accessible to everyone.

Training The Leaders Of Tomorrow With Meril Life Sciences’ Future Leader Training Program

At Meril Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. it is our objective to identify unmet clinical requirements and produce relevant medical devices to address these requirements with immediate turnaround cycles. Such an objective can only be achieved through dedication and hard work that Merilians put in at every stage to make this goal a reality. With our enthusiastic and diverse R&D team, we aim to make healthcare solutions more accessible for doctors and patients alike. To meet these high standards we began the Future Leaders Program, an initiative by the Meril HR team to ignite the leader in each Merilian and take the company to new heights.

The Future Leader Training Program

We at Meril Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. have always believed that leadership does not lie in the position, but the actions a person takes. We know that every employee has the potential of being the next leader and trendsetter for the company. Thus, the Future Leader Training Program began on 17th June 2019 with the first meeting being held at Takshashila Hall at Meril Academy. 250 Merilians were hand-picked by the management team from the manufacturing and administrative divisions for this initiative. The aim and function of the Future Leader Training Program is to facilitate rotations in and across functions of the Meril Life Sciences teams and allow employees and future leaders to learn about these medical devices in accelerated learning environments.

Rewarding and fun experience

Meril management teams believe that the Future Leader Training Program will be an incredibly rewarding and fun learning experience for employees. Such programs help improve relations among employees, hone people skills and their positive effects lead to employees becoming better and more authentic leaders. Developing these employees and their skills will be exactly what is required to take Meril Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. from good to great.

Challenging and purposeful opportunities

The first session was conducted by Dr. Hemchandra Panjikar, Group Head HR at Meril Life Sciences India Pvt Ltd, who spoke about and gave examples from the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” The 250 Merilians hand-picked for this role, have all been identified as potential emerging leaders within these divisions. Based on this, these future leaders will be taking on challenging and purposeful opportunities that accelerate their readiness to take on leadership roles.

Along with our complete dedication towards the design and development of novel, state-of-the-art and best in class devices, Meril Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is also deeply committed to conducting trials that allow for the alleviation of human suffering.With our Future Leader Training Program and other endeavours we at Meril Life Sciences hope to truly create a better and brighter future for all of us.

Here’s to More Awards. And More to Life!

Dun & Bradstreet-RBL Bank SME Business Excellence Awards, 2019 

Dun & Bradstreet the world’s leading knowledge provider has been consistently tracking crucial sectors of the Indian Economy for over the two decades. As a part of this endeavor, it has been hosting the “SME Business Excellence Awards” since 2008 to recognize the achievements of Indian SME’s and Mid-Corporate. The 2019 edition of these Awards, in association with the RBL Bank, was held at New Delhi on November 20th, 2019.

In this context, we are extremely pleased to inform that “Meril Life Sciences Private Limited” was selected and awarded the “Dun & Bradstreet-RBL Bank SME Business Excellence Awards, 2019” for Best Pharmaceuticals Company in Mid-Corporate Segment. 

As Meril is committed to R&D, innovation in manufacturing medical technology, and scientific communication we believe in improving the quality of human life through innovative and advanced healthcare solutions.

India’s medical device sector is undergoing a drastic transformation, with a new regulatory regime aimed at luring industry backers and priming it for significant growth. We aim to improve the quality of human life through innovative and advanced healthcare solutions. As a medical device manufacturer, we exist to improve the inventiveness in healthcare so that people’s lives are enriched. We continually seek excellence in providing answers to some of medicine’s toughest questions.

Our inclination towards research and development is reflected in our diverse offerings. We ensure that we adhere to the best quality of standards in manufacturing, scientific communication and distribution to deliver path-breaking healthcare products to the world.

We collaborate with physicians and global innovators to identify unmet clinical needs and develop revolutionary therapies. We encourage research and academic collaborations and remain available to interact on exciting opportunities. Our products are made in India with a global perspective. Meril Life Sciences has direct sales and representatives offices in India, Germany, Turkey, the US, China and Brazil and its distribution model is spread over more than 100 countries across continents.

Myval– the Revolution in Medical Device Industry:

On 16th November, 2018, we had introduced the first ever indigenously designed and manufactured Transcatheter Aortic Heart Valve (TAVR) – Myval. With this launch, Meril becomes the First Indian Company to make Transcatheter Aortic Heart Valve Replacement (TAVR) Therapy commercially available on the world stage.

The launch of indigenously developed Myval Transcatheter Heart Valve technology is an assertion of this fundamental belief. For us, it is a proud moment to be the first Indian company to commercially make this therapy available in the country and honored with the title of Best Pharmaceuticals Company.

Here is our full blog post:

TAVR Technology Can Keep Your Heart Beating Strong!

An 83 year old woman, was advised that she had only a few hours to live if she doesn’t get her valve replaced. She decided to opt for this unique, cutting-edge procedure that could grant her a fresh lease of life. Within a year of the procedure, she traveled to America to achieve her dream of addressing a large gathering at a prestigious conference. Now, at age of 90, she continues to live an active and normal life.

What threatened her life, and which procedure saved her?

Sarah* had a medical condition called severe Aortic Valve Stenosis (AS). The valve in her heart, which ensures normal blood-flow from the heart to the body, had narrowed with advancing age. This made it extremely difficult for her to carry out simple daily activities. She often felt out of breath. There was tightness in her chest, frequently accompanied by pain. She felt dizzy even with brief movements. In short, living had become a struggle.

Medication did not provide any significant relief. The other available treatment was an open heart surgery for valve replacement. But that was an extremely risky option due to her age, the complex nature of the surgery, the long hospital stay, and high chance of complications post-surgery, especially during the recovery period of 10-12 months. Given these risks, surgical teams refused to perform a surgical valve replacement. At this point, Sarah was given an option of an innovative non-surgical procedure called Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR).

The procedure entailed a small cut in the groin or chest area to pass a catheter tube to replace the diseased valve with a bioprosthetic valve. There would be no need to cut open the chest cavity nor any need for general anesthesia as is usually required for surgery. The TAVR procedure would be performed over 30-40 minutes, and her recovery would be swift, requiring hospital stay of only 3 to 5 days.

Meril Life Sciences, a medical device manufacturer has recently launched an advanced bioprosthetic valve. The new valve has a unique ‘hybrid honeycomb’ design that allows doctors to precisely place the device at its natural position. This reduces the need for a new pacemaker, otherwise required in 10 to 30 percent of patients receiving other available valve technologies.

Results of the MyVal-1 scientific study , published in the Euro Intervention Journal, prove the benefits of this valve technology. There was high device success, low incidence of stroke, and low requirement of a permanent pacemaker implant post-procedure. Significant improvement in patient heart function and quality of life was also observed. After CE approval of this valve technology, hospitals in Europe have commenced using the valve due to these benefits.

We believe in improving the quality of human life through innovative and advanced healthcare solutions. So you can spend more time with your loved ones and people like her at the age of 90 also can live an active and normal life.
*Patient name edited to ensure privacy.
This article is intended for education and awareness purposes only, and does not seek to serve as a substitute for medical advice, nor to advocate a treatment or device in use for patients. Only qualified medical experts can provide advice regarding your individual treatment. Please consult your doctor for more details.

Here is our full blog post:

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